Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Can we Consider an Astral Projection A Sin?

Can we Consider an Astral Projection A Sin?

Doing astral projection is it considered as a sin? Many believe that doing these phenomena is not a sin they just have the items God has given to them. Having many people knows how to astral project even my father knows how to do it but he said that doing astral projection is not a sin. You trained your body to rest and you are checking out the outside world without using your actual physical body. How is it a sin? God made people through his image also maybe he just given that reward to such a person dedicated to help other people. Astral projection occasionally defined by preachers and priest’s is a sin you defy God’s function, and simply because of curiosity you attempt to defy his function. You look for for answers like astral projection. Is curiosity a sin? When you are curios you look for solution. That is why most of philosophers are atheist. Most of the time people have the incorrect impact of astral projection, they believed that going through this phenomena is occasionally talking to the satan himself. They also considered astral projection as a reward from Satan but it is not. It is a reward from God himself to help other people, but also it is up to you how you handle to use that reward, it could be utilized in evil or for the great of humanity.


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