Monday, September 9, 2013

Walking Street Hotels
Walking Street Hotels
Walking Street is Pattaya’s main nightlife attraction and you wont find anywhere else in Thailand or the world that has as many go go bars, beer bars, night clubs and restaurants all in the one strip as what you will find here.

My group only walked up and down Walking Street and then took a taxi back to your accommodation. This red-light district compared to the one in Bangkok was a lot more aggressive and definitely larger. It’s difficult to process this because I don’t know what to make of it.

There was so much going on that I’m being flooded by emotions and sights; it’s been a struggle to process what I’ve seen.

Five minute to Walking Street, Pataya Beach, Beach Road with Royal Garden Plaza, Mike Shopping Mall and Central Festival the largest shopping center in Asia.

Walking Street, Love it or hate it, its a part of Fun City and at the heart of the entertainment district, offering dance, trance, drink, and of course a warm welcome.

Welcome to the new site of Spanky's Pattaya, we are located on Walking Street, the famous nightlife car free entertainment avenue in South Pattaya Beach City. Good music, sexy company and cold beers are a guaranteed success for a good night on the town alone or with friends.

Walking Street is the main entertainment and night life area in Pattaya. It features over 300 bars, around 50 gogo bars and several large clubs. This page lists the best of the reviews for Walking Street bars on this web site.

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